Goodbye Clutter (Emphasis on the Bye)

I know our reading assignment and updated syllabus say to read Krug’s 5th and 6th chapters as well as Reddish, but Moodle does not have the 6th chapter of Krug online or Reddish uploaded yet so I could only read Krug’s 5th chapter for this response.

Anyways, Krug has by far been my favorite of all the authors we have read because he does not try to sound sophisticated, knows what he is talking about, and keeps it simple. This is actually a pretty good segue into his 5th chapter: Omit needless words (punny). 

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For tomorrow’s readings, we read Krug and Garret again. We read about the “five planes” in Garret’s article. The five planes were as followed:

simpleplanes1. Surface – Top Plane
2. Skeleton
3. Structure
4. Scope
5. Strategy – Bottom Plane

Each of these planes had to do with user experience once again. They are the planes that a user subconsciously and consciously realizes when looking at a product, interface, or anything to do with digital communication in our case.

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User Impact

Users are what drive innovation. We learned about this circular concept in Garret’s book as well as my other class, Mass Communication with Dr. John Armstrong. If a user likes an interface, they will come back to it more often and with other people. This simple idea is what made Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and most other social medias popular. Looking at myself, I only made accounts on all of these websites because someone I knew liked the interface and convinced me to join. In turn, I have made many of my friends join these social media as well.

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